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7D theater presents:

The union of 7D interactive cinema is a high-tech imaging new recreationproducts. It will 3D television technology today the latest international pop and multi person interactive interactive technology combination, design a variety ofdifferent topics for each theme amusement equipment, recreational equipment,simulation of virtual scenes and film plot that theme, and with special effectsand environmental effects of special seat, with the plot, 3D simulation of the audience through the simulation of the hands of the enemy gun and the screen in a tense showdown, these will bring the audience never stimulation and pleasure, let the audience indulge in pleasures without stop, which evokedthe audience repeatedly shown a level than the impulses and desires. And this extraordinary experience is not able to get in the home and other places, this is the core of commercial value. The union of 7D interactive theater equipmentrealize four sex should be successful entertainment projects, namely that enjoyment, novelty, adventure and opposition, will undoubtedly become a new generation of high-tech amusement equipment.

Two big selling point 1, union 7D versus interactive cinema

The gunfight interaction, an experience

Union 7D versus interactive movie changed the film that passive viewing form,interactive entertainment in the form are interested in introducing the men and women,old and young gun, maximum audience did not meet the release ofaccumulated for a long time the personal heroism, punish to satisfy the audience satisfaction and pride ... [More details]

5D theater presents:

One, introduction to 5D: 5D cinema is evolved based on 3D, 4D on thetheater, it not only contains all the functions of the 3D, the 4D theater, also joined the new 6 degree of freedom simulation platform and environment effects. Simulation -- lose one's temper, wind rain and snow, blast and otherspecial effects, visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile and dynamic perfectintegration, manufacturing in addition to stereo vision and feel true to life likeness, in which the audience can really experience the charm of 5D theater.

Thus, 5D movie to join the new 6 degree of freedom simulation platform andenvironment effects made out of real interactive stereoscopic vision is the biggest selling point to attract customers, give the audience a kind of be personally on the scene feeling. So that the customer is 5D movie charmdeeply attracted to, after watching a 5D movie was struck with vivid effect, to the surrounding friends about their 5D the movie. This indirect propagandafilm 5D, the side curious friends also joined the ranks of the 5D movie fans.

The principle of the 5D film is relying on computer numerical modeling to establish a 3D scene, and then use the visual effects rendering technology, a3D scene is divided into left and right pictures picture, and then the two pictureto the screen through the projector, the projector is placed in front of thepolarized light film projector emits light optical processing, and then usingpolarized glasses special, the projector light are separated, so that users see the default screen left eye left eye, right eye to see the default right pictures,thus showing the true to life likeness of the optical image. In the movie at the same time, the use of sensor technology, through the air ... [More details]

4D theater presents:

Dongguan Youlian cinema 4D technology features: technology beyond 3D movie, bring the vivid and diverse sensory experience film effect. The screening of the film at the same time, / devices will provide a variety of special effects in the movie the situation according to the. Through the wind, water,delicious, seat, before and after, about shaking, lighting and other special effects, true to show the plot of a film, the audience really be personally on the scene. Special equipment installation / top, wall, seat, can be simulated in the film, light, shock, lightning, wind, fog, moving body fragrance, impact and other 20 kinds of special effects. With a story the emergence of these diverse real effect, combined with stereo images makes the audience like the screen as the hero can feel the change of the environment, to experience the film scene with the whole body, provides different kind of fun.

The difference between the 4D and the 3D 2D commercial theater, cinema?

In the future, "the movie" argument to be changed to "experience the film", 100 years in the virtual world and screen the screen outside the boundaries of the real world began to break, "the movie" is a spectator's point of view, to listen to, and in the 4D class is JOEM Era in the first person "I feel" to the cinema filmwith general: in the film the wind will blow your hair, the waves will wet yourclothes in the movie, the movie scent will get you drunk......

4D special effects theater investment returns: a 4D class fare in 15 to 20 yuan.4D cinema cost mainly in special chair. Most specific organ 4D are arranged on the chair seat, a common import is one thousand or two thousand dollars,while the special seat 4D / will have 8000 to 25000 yuan. According to the 10minute show an, hour show 5, average every day at least showing of the 40 games, if the hall with 6 seats, 4 seats of the attendance average according to the calculation, then every 3000 yuan of income, to remove the daily expensesand rent, the monthly profit of around 80000, 3 to 6 months will be able to the realization of profit.

Join the four major reasons for the Dongguan union 4D theater:

1, the quality of equipment advantage: Dongguan union is the earliestprofessional manufacturers Chinese master 4D/5D cinema equipment coretechnology. Its core technology has always been leading the development of the industry, the number of core equipment with national patent approval!

2, service advantage: Dongguan union provides 4D/5D special effects theaterplanning design, propaganda guidance, installation and commissioning, after sale service tracking, allowing you to easily join, from any menace from the "rear"!

3, the price advantage: not much difference between investment Dongguan Youlian 4D/5D cinema and other investment millions of 4D/5D theater effect, can be used independently, but also can be used in combination, to stimulate the audience's senses and reached the highest......

4, to upgrade innovation advantage: Dongguan union always innovation and customer value as the lifeline of enterprise development. Let Chineseforestalls to experience the most advanced high-tech television experience!

2013 to easily join the millions of years to make project -- 4D/5D cinema! If your lack of local 4D/5D theater, you still hesitate?

Dongguan Youlian 4D/5D cinema storm has hit the country, 4D/5D market has become more and more popular, successful customer one by one, the good news, join in business is to capacity audiences, line up to watch......

 3D theater presents:

first :3D all entertainment product overview

3D entertainment broadcasting control equipment is composed of Dongguan union television media Co., independent research and development of asupport any 3D display hardware and software products terminal set and any audio output mode, with 2D/3D film, K song, music, the basic function of 3Dgames, and with functions such as 4D5D, video games, music, intelligent Home Furnishing multi channel fusion splicing, such as docking, present in the 3D 4D5D theater, audio amplifier, industry, intelligent home theater industry, KTV industry, game industry, education industry, 3D Internet industry madeextensive use.

Product series:

3D cinema broadcast control device

Theater Special Edition 2D/3D film, cinema, support 2K, 4K video, Blu ray 3Ddecoding, DTS-HD source audio audio quality, top audio and video effect, full touch screen VOD VOD broadcast control, support for Android Pad mobile terminal broadcast control, multi-channel audio mode, can be connected with asingle / dual 3D projector / naked eye 3D equipment, built-in theater specialvideo scheduling, cashier billing, background management system tools. Free to add, update the content, to support Cara OK song, 3D game function... [More details]

9D interactive theater presents:

 Dongguan Youlian 9D interactive cinema is a high-tech imaging new recreationproducts. He will 3D television technology today the latest international popand interactive technology, the function of KTV combined with multiple people,design different kinds of amusement equipment, for each theme amusementequipment, simulation of virtual scene and the theme of the movie, and withthe domestic first "electromagnetic float" super dynamic seat andenvironmental effects, perfect with "electromagnetic float" technology can realize the seat displacement, velocity and acceleration of the multiplefrequency response, the ordinary seat single, rigid, boring OUT completely off,these will bring never stimulation and joy to the audience, let the audienceindulge in pleasures without stop, which evoked the audience repeatedly shown a than the impulse and desire the level of. Dongguan Youlian 9D super dynamic interactive theater equipment realize four sex should be successfulentertainment projects, namely that enjoyment, novelty, adventure and opposition, will undoubtedly become a new generation of high-tech amusement equipment.

9D interactive Cinema: play see sing more interactive than the market space,the 7D film more exciting, more dangerous, more fun, more comprehensive:

 1 new "N+1" business model, breaking the traditional mode of cinema ticket,9D interactive theaters can book a whole theater experience, a more flexible mode of operation... [More details]


Typhoon Museum contents introduction:
The typhoon disaster and anti taiwan pavilion results, the simulation process of typhoon formation and action, providing typhoon field viewing platform. Guan Tai hall equipped with wave observation experiment station; observation of storm surge and wave factors, site engineering of overtopping and wave impact force, and the artificial simulation of overtopping condition.
The exhibition hall with pictures, real, typhoon, typhoon simulation science projection and other means, to enable visitors by science education vivid, detailed; during the typhoon, in view of the Taiwan hall can feel shock waves, Zhuolang emptying, wind Zhuang Wei landscape. "The typhoon Museum" 4D cinema, a high-tech means to simulate typhoon real, let you experience the typhoon experience crack Jingtao shore shock, collision perception of life and nature. Typhoon typhoon disaster in paradise, tourism experience as the core, to the wind, the wind, the wind science and cultural entertainment, scenic view as the main content, will become a major brand of Zhoushan marine culture and leisure tourism.
Yangchun in three or four months, even up to 12 degrees "typhoon"?! Dongguan is the original union television media Co. Ltd. is the latest typhoon museum experience along the "typhoon". For in every year and typhoon "vs." coastal zone, the public is no stranger to the typhoon, but, who dare not accept the baptism of the typhoon "head-on". While in the Dongguan union "typhoon museum experience", strong wind swept through, you can stand in "in the teeth of the storm", experience the real typhoon swept across all feel the shock of the real experience of super shocking; 12 typhoon!!

Dongguan Union Earthquake Museum instructions:

Dongguan Union Hall  create a real earthquake simulation scenarios height after the earthquake, so that the audience into the hall is like being in a strong earthquake among the first impression there is shock effect. Exhibits scene is set for the ruins after the earthquake the building. In Canqiang broken tile surface using a specially designed font and picture printing several groups of major earthquakes in world history reports, indicate the magnitude and the number of casualties, property damage and so on. In the ruins, shot a world map, viewers can select the map in different regions, and with both hands lightly coated. In your hands the geographical situation of the earthquake and related knowledge movie will emerge.
earthquake museum: 
The main cabin configuration earthquake simulation of hydraulic power systems, experience platform, the platform guardrails, flooring, stairs, Strobe, smoke machines, control panels, metal screen (size according to the site to achieve maximum), audio systems, control systems and other earthquake cottages Earthquake simulation platform by platform and houses above composition, technically hydraulic systems, sensor systems, computer control

-System, sound system, automatic scoring systems. The simulated vibration platform can simulate various magnitude and seismic earthquake occurred, is to experience the immersive. Simulated earthquake magnitude and duration of the city have conducted pre-set on the console. Internal systems have Wenchuan earthquake, the Tangshan earthquake, Japan Kansai earthquake data, but also according to customer needs to develop. System Description: Our company DOF earthquake experience platform using the most advanced six-axis motion control system for earthquake science venues, science museums, playgrounds are using the most audiences to experience the true feeling of the earthquake, the ground suddenly reflect severe earthquake jitter, fluctuations, longitudinal waves, shear waves, combined with visual, audio, special effects with, immersive. Further understanding of the relevant knowledge of the earthquake, to achieve a certain effect of science to improve people's awareness of earthquake disaster reduction. Simulated earthquake earthquake experience platform changes multiple effect magnitude as the main line, highlighting the human understanding of nature, revealing nature, to raise awareness of earthquake awareness, to prevent, in the earthquake comes to take the necessary self-help measures. Platform using the new steel frame and simulation platform technology, compact structure, simulated environment vivid, reliable operation. Equipped with sound system, with the level of seismic change, earthquakes produce different sound effects, voice systems also describes the different seismic corresponding knowledge.

    Fire Escape is the first museum to raise awareness of children's fire museum, aimed at enhancing the fire safety awareness of young people to help themselves and improve their self-defense, self-help, the ability to escape. The museum is composed of Dongguan Union television media planning and design, 

reducing the height of the fire scene, the fire museum's core experience of the system is the fire drill system, 

fire protection system for young people exercise.

3D5D7D Film show

Brand advantage

Union was founded 11 years, professional, dedicated to do R & D cinema equipment and system, has a good technical foundation.

The Union service over thousands of customers at home and abroad, is a volcano lake, in the land of digital cinema and other well-known theater strategic partners, is the industry recognized brands.

Technical advantage

Union as 5D cinema lead the tide brand, is the earliest 5D cinema equipment manufacturer, has a number of independent intellectual property right of patent.

The first developed flow 5D cinema, large six degree of freedom 5D cinema, world leading technology

Market advantage

5D demonstration effect because of high science and technology content high cost, only a few people have the opportunity to experience. Now the "union of film and television 5D cinema" the large-scale equipment miniaturization, let the audience can watch the "lavish visual feast" -- 5D film.

The price is low, consumers spend more than ten dollars you can experience the brand-new experience brought by 5D film, by many young audiences, the market prospect is very broad.

After-sale service

In support of the 24 hour repair service hotline; professional and technical team to provide home warranty service during the warranty period; tracking, regular visits to customers to maintain the system, system upgrade, system extension and other services.

Welcome to contact with us :
hotline: +86-0769-83827988

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